Jon Beavers is a collaborator and creative all-arounder.

Jon (or JonJon if you like repeating yourself) Beavers is a multidisciplinary creative in Atlanta. He graduated from GSU with a BFA in Graphic design in spring of 2021.

You can keep up with him Instagram and or shoot him an email if you'd like.

Balents Medical billing | Brand redesign | 2021

Balents is an Atlanta based future forward medical billing company. A new brand identity was created to balance their human centered ethos with their high-tech approach.

Balents Logo Design

MIDNIGGHT GOSPEL | 360 Campaign | 2021

A multimedia campaign and network ID was developed for the rebroadcast of the surreal Netflix comedy 'The Midnight Gospel' onto adult swim.

Print ads: Midnight Gospel Tracts

Spaceghost Coast to Coast | Title Sequence

For a rerelease of the Spaceghost Coast to Coast boxset, I proposed this revamped title sequence. The animation puts the viewer behind the producer, moltar’s terminal as he struggles to start the show. 

Joseph veazey interview | editorial Design

I interviewed former adult swim Creative Director Joseph Veazey and made our conversation into an article that was published in "Shoulders of Giants" a publication from GSU School of Art and Design.


Cover Illustration

Shanchez Johnson

Obscurum Magaizine, Cryptids Issue

For the 3rd issue of Obscurum I had the pleasure of creating an issue around the theme of cryptids in the southern united states. the issue explores unreliable narrators, the factual evidence for squatches and much more.

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